Spectronix 3-MAX TM

The Optimum Solution for Body and Skin care

What is Clinical PowerShaper?
  • Synergetic combination of Tri & Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation
    for Cellulite reduction and body reshaping
  • Targeted treatment for eye & neck lifting
    by Specially designed Bi-polar applicator
  • Dynamic & strong vibration effect by
    special pneumatic suction system
  • Lymphatic Drainage Effect with 4 types of Pulses

Types of applicators
1- Ideal Combinations of powerful Cavitation, RF and Vacuum comfortably achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body through a safe, nonsurgical painless treatment.

2- Delicate & ergonomic Face applicator allows to perform special eye treatment along with face lifting.
  • Body Applicator - 36Khz Cavitation
  • Body Applicator - 1Mhz Multipolar RF, Vacuum, Red LED
  • Face Applicator - 2Mhz Bipolar RF, Vacuum

Types of Applicators-2
1- Tri/Multi-polar RF technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal RF energy to the skin surface and to subcutaneous fat layers.

2- Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes, centered between them, and limited only to the treatment area. This focused delivery results in improved treatment efficacy.

  • FACE - Blue LED
  • FACE & BODY - Red LED
  • BODY - Red LED

Ultrasonic Cavitation

FAT Reduction & Cellulite Treatment
  • 36Khz Cavitation
  • Powerful cavitational effect by dual generators
  • Easy treatment by automated 4 types of pulse options
  • Safety operation with sign light
  • Effectiveness with complete safety, with no pain
  • 15~20 min. short treatment time with long lasting effect

Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion.

30~40KHz ultrasonic cavitation wave length safely eliminates localized fat

RF & Vacuum for BODY
  • Advanced RF technology of 1Mhz Multi-Polar RF
  • Dynamic & strong vibration effect by special pneumatic suction system
  • Complete treatment without motor by 4 kinds of pulse
  • No pain, effective & complete safety
  • Perfect body Shaping

RF & Vacuum for FACE
(Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum)
  • Dramatic target treatment for face lifting
  • Specialized bipolar applicator allows to perform eye & neck treatment
  • Dynamic & strong vibration effect for circulation and rejuvenation by special pneumatic suction system
  • Face lymphatic dranage by 4 pulses

Tri & Multipolar RF
(Tri & multi-polar with red/blue LED)
  • Treatment of both superficial and deeper fat layers
  • Synergetic combination of multi-polar RF and blue/red LED
  • Maximize the effect by optimum RF frequency (1 & 2 Mhz)


Indications(Body (Cavitation))

Indications(Body (RF+Vacuum+Red LED))

Indications(Face {RF+Vacuum})
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