Some of the Products Handled By ALP Ultracontour by Medixsysteme, France

'Ultracontour", is a Non Invasive LipoLysis System from France, it was Launched against the giant "Ultrashape" (A machine with huge claims and enormous marketing budgets).

It was a challenge to compete the brand that already had created a mindset with clients. Also,"Ultrashape", persense in all international congresses and huge support from International key doctors, had given the product all the fame it required. In short, introducing a product against it in the Market, was suicidal.

However, "Medixsysteme", France introduced the product and trusted in Spectronix and Indian Counter part A.LAKHANPAL to distribute the product and set a distribution network over Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin Americas.

Key Steps Taken To Make Ultracontour Brand
  • Got the System in key Clinics in the region with our strong network
  • Participated in Major Congresses, and worked with key doctors to present papers and studies in them
  • Invited doctors and organized our own sessions of theory and practical with certifications to doctors
  • Worked heavily on Effective PR with important publications covering write-ups on technology
  • Worked on all modes of marketing from Internet to print and created animated videos for making a big bang about the product

Congresses Organized For Ultracontour All Over Distribution Area By Spectronix & A. Lakhanpal

Brand Building By Good Media Coverage With Prominence To Our Clients

Medixsysteme, Manufacturer of Ultracontour reached much higher than Ultrashape in short span


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